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Lynskey Performance Sportive Frame
Lynskey Performance Sportive Frame - 2011

Lovingly handcrafted in Tennessee as an ode to European cyclosportives and with an eye on long-ride comfort, Lynskey's Sportive frame offers the divine ride of Lynskey's cold forged, butted 3Al/2.5V titanium. This ti frame is light, smooth and gorgeous, with a relaxed position that's just right for… [more]

Lynskey Performance Peloton Silver Series
Lynskey Performance Peloton Silver Series - 2014

Lynskey Performance bikes have been noted for their quality and performance. The new Silver Series, made in the USA, brings Lynskey performance into a price range associated with Asian made bikes. The Peloton is designed for all day comfort and is ideal for both daily riding and long distance… [more]

Lynskey Performance R340 Frame
Lynskey Performance R340 Frame - 2012

Lynskey's R340 is tailor-made for serious amateurs and professional racers alike. Crafted by hand in Tennessee from oversize titanium tubes, the R340 possesses the stiffness, lightness and vibration damping to make your favorite loops more fun and move you to the front of the pack on every group… [more]

Lynskey Performance Viale Silver Series
Lynskey Performance Viale Silver Series - 2013

The Viale is perfect for commuting to work, daily riding, and light touring. With clearance for up to a 700 x 30c tire, the Vaile can easily handle rougher road surface conditions. Day long comfort Stable geometry Welded in rear fender and rack mounts Utilizes long reach caliper rim brakes for… [more]

Lynskey Performance Helix Frame
Lynskey Performance Helix Frame - 2011

Welcome to the new era in titanium. The first thing you notice looking at Lynskey's Helix is the spiral tube shapes. The ingenious design adds significant stiffness to the frame, which results in superior power transfer and handling yet adds no weight. Plus, because it's 3Al/2.5V titanium this… [more]

Lynskey Performance Helix OS Frame
Lynskey Performance Helix OS Frame - 2011

If perfection is all your crave, do yourself a favor and ride Lynskey's Helix OS. Created in Tennessee, this is the epitome of a bicycle instilled into incredible, spiral-shaped titanium tubes. Lynskey's distinctive Helix tubes deliver the lightness and ethereal ride of 3Al/2.5V-titanium with… [more]

Lynskey Performance R440 Frame
Lynskey Performance R440 Frame - 2012

Lynskey's R440 is made for the big, powerful rider who pushes huge watts and has a tendency to flex, over-stress and even break lesser frames. It excels in fast crits and punishing road races where stiffness and efficiency are at a premium. All that speed and precision come courtesy of… [more]

7 Results